How do I change my humidity level?
Varies from unit to unit, look in your manual or call and speak with one of our techs

Which is the best mask for me?
Varies from patient to patient and depends on your pressure setting. With a lower pressure you can use any mask. With higher pressures full-face might be more comfortable since air won’t leak from your mouth and disrupt therapy. 

What is the purpose of heated tubing?
Prevents moisture/water from getting into tubing and mask. 

How often do I switch my mask and cushion/pillows out? 
Healthcare guidelines recommend every 3 months but can very depending on how well they are maintained. 

How long is my warranty for my CPAP/BiPAP machine?
1 year warranty on machines. Masks have a 30 day warranty with restocking fee. See Policies for more detail.

What does Ramp and Ramp time mean?
Ramp starts your pressure off lower then prescribed pressure (usually 4 cm h20) and slowly rises up to your prescribed pressure depending on how long you want it to take (typically 10,20,30, and 45 minutes are your options for time.) 

What is EPR/CFLEX? 
Your prescribed pressure backs off on airflow only when you exhale. You can choose how much it backs off usually, 1 cm h20, 2 cm h20 and 3 cm h20 are the settings you can choose from for how much it will back off from your prescribed pressure. 

Where do I put my filters? 
Typically in the back of unit. If you have trouble finding it look in your manual or call and speak with one of our techs. 

How often should I change my filters? 
As needed, replace/clean when visibly discolored. 

What type of water should be used in my water chamber? 
Distilled water only, tap water will cause calcium build up on metal plate.

How often do I change my water in my water chamber? 
Water should be replaced every night, even if tank is not empty in morning.

How do I clean my supplies? 
Masks and water chambers should be cleaned with non harsh solutions. One part vinegar and one part water is recommended since they won’t break down materials. And for the non disposable filters just plain water and make sure to dry out before placing back into unit (around every 2 to 3 weeks they should be cleaned).

How do I get my machine pressure adjusted? 
A valid prescription signed by your Doctor is required, fax (866-481-8359) or email ([email protected]) us the new prescription and we will contact you about adjusting your machine.